Back Your Body is a place of experts in sports massage and pilates, our vision is to offer our clients a range of physical therapies to promote optimal physical health.


From our fully equipped Pilates studio in Sidcup, it allows our clients to use specialist Pilates equipment that will promote their flexibility, strength, balance and mobility in a supported way that would not be achievable without our apparatus.


Throughout using the equipment, clients will be guided and assisted with expert tuition to enhance the full benefits of Pilates on their bodies, and leave them with an enjoyable, challenging and unique exercise experience that they will never forget.

Back Your Body is committed to providing excellent quality services in a safe, friendly and professional environment. We are infinitely passionate about building client confidence, executing recovery programmes quickly and with expert attention, and universally redefining bodies for the better.


The staff at Back Your Body have combined academic achievements of which include graduations from the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage, Level 5 BTEC certification in sports & remedial massage therapy, qualifications in pregnancy massage, ScarWork therapy and medical acupuncture - all of which are now professionally implemented into services at Back Your Body.


We are confident that our expertise, in combination with our friendly and approachable studio atmosphere, will provide the optimum environment for individuals of all circumstances and abilities to overcome injuries, improve their strength, mobility and ultimately thrive and improve their overall physical health.

Whether it is a conflict of schedule or complete studio shutdown, there is no need to skip a session as virtual pilates is here for you. Membership to our classes means you can access our sessions via a link provided for Zoom. As always, each of our classes gives specific instruction of movement, of which will harness the six principles of Pilates. We have adapted so that flexibility, strengthening, mobility and stability can continue to be improved throughout these trying times - all compacted into one convenient workout of which you can do from the comfort of your home!

Back Your Body membership grants you access to all of our virtual pilates classes and pre-recorded online sessions; meaning you have access to the world of controlled movements, wherever and whenever you please. Our variety of pre-recorded videos means there is something for everybody. The video routines available are a mixture of functional movement exercises and classical pilates; classes are specifically tailored to work your entire body in a focused and controlled way. Our pre-recorded sessions vary in intensity and include specially adapted classes and movements for attendees with different requirements, such as pregnant women.

In addition to virtual classes and pre-recorded sessions, Back Your Body membership also includes access to our VIP group on Facebook. Frequently our members enjoy sharing their pilates practices and progress, in addition to their overall journey of wellbeing. Being a member of our VIP group makes you feel as if you are part of a like-minded and thriving community, which is always there for helpful tips and encouragement. Wholesomely, our members often become friends with one another due to their like-minded personalities and a clear shared interest in redefining themselves and working towards improved physical health.

Frequently asked questions

Why Should I Do Pilates?

Innumerable benefits come with the overall strengthening and improvement of your body. Whether you are embarking on a journey of recovery, looking for a hobby or would simply like to become a superior version of yourself, we believe that everybody should incorporate pilates into their routine - simply because of the penultimate positive impacts it will have on you. Pilates classes vary in time and intensity therefore there should be no reason to hesitate before changing your life one session at a time.

What Are The Benefits of Doing Pilates Every Day?

Although there are a seemingly endless amount of positives that come with undergoing a pilates class, below are some of the most desired and prominent: It is an entire body workout Improves strength and flexibility Assists in recovery of an injury Improves mental wellbeing and promotes focus and concentration Promotes tone and more desirable contours of the body Improves posture Can be adapted for every each individual Minimal pressure on the joints Improves bone health

Does Pilates Prevent Injury?

In addition to playing a vital role in recovery, Pilates can help to prevent injury through the overall improvement and awareness of the body. Strengthening the centre of your body has an array of physical benefits, including your ability to keep balanced for example. Pilates also helps in enhancing ones awareness of their own body, ultimately encouraging coordination and concentration - both of which could assist in the prevention of injury.

Can I Do Pilates Whilst Pregnant?

Pilates can be the perfect low-impact workout for expectant mothers. Classes can be specially adapted in order to accommodate for the physical limitations and progressively changing needs of pregnant class members. Pilates involves a series of controlled movements - its benefits include improved balance, strength and flexibility. Pilates is often favoured by pregnant women as it can assist in strengthening the core muscles and pelvic floor, of which support your spine. Strengthening such areas helps to alleviate back pain and the strain of carrying a child.

What Can Pilates Do For My Existing Fitness Routine?

Introducing pilates to an existing fitness routine can compliment it infinitely and it can be adjusted in intensity according to physical needs of the participant. Pilates improves ones flexibility and increases muscle strength and tone, in addition to muscle balance and control. Incorporating a pilates routine will help assist the elements of which are implemented in the fitness regime - pilates will improve overall muscle strength and body ability, fundamentally making your fitness routine easier.

I Am Home During Lockdown, What Do I Need To Keep Moving?

It would be all too easy to declare yourself dormant for the duration of lockdown; but why set yourself back years of mobility and encourage early onset health conditions when you could use this time to commandeer your physical wellbeing? Exercise is a proven and vital key to staying happier and living a longer life, without exercise you will compromise your abilities to move and risk detrimental illnesses such as obesity, heart conditions and cancers. Pilaties is a form of exercise of which can be adjusted in intensity to suit the participant, therefore it is an ideal physical outlet for those at home during lockdown.

How Long Before I Notice The Benefits?

As with anything, the more consistent and dedicated you are, the quicker you will see results. It is that within 10 sessions of pilates you should be feeling like a stronger and overall improved version of yourself, by 20 sessions you will notice you look better and within 30 sessions your body will look and feel entirely superior! Those attending two to three classes a week can expect to see results within ten to twelve weeks - of course if you are attending less or more frequently, or at a higher or intensity then results will be evident at a different time.

'After having a painful sports massage elsewhere, I was reluctant to have another. Decided to visit Kathy however and so glad I did - wonderful experience - felt so much better afterwards. I would definitely recommend a visit'


Live During Lockown

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