Kathy Innes

Senior Sports Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor


Over 18 years ago, after having my children, I decided to leave my pressurised city job and follow my passion of fitness. This initially led me to training as an aerobics and fitness instructor, I loved teaching and this sparked my interest in how to help my clients overcome injuries so they could continue training. So often, clients would speak to me before class expressing how they were limited in what they could do because of a long standing injury or condition and how frustrating it was to them not to be able to do what they loved doing.

In 2007 I embarked on what was to be a life changing course, I studied for a diploma in Pilates with the renowned Pilates Institute. I fell in love with how simple but effective this exercise regime was and couldn’t wait to start being able to use Joseph Pilates method to help my clients not only recover from injury but to strengthen and create a more balanced body. Over the years I have been given such joy by seeing clients get out of pain, recover quickly from injuries and manage chronic conditions such as arthritis.


As my interest in movement and Pilates continued to grow, I wanted to further develop my knowledge on how and why injuries were caused, and I went on to study with the prestigious NLSSM, The School of Sports Massage and gained a Level 5 BTEC in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy. Over the last few years I have also gained qualifications in Pregnancy Massage, ScarWork Therapy and Medical Acupuncture. I feel very passionate about providing a professional, friendly and approachable environment where you feel completely confident and at ease in our expert hands. 

Anthony Bunce

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist


My name is Anthony and I graduated from the London School of Sports Massage (L.S.S.M) in November 2018 gaining a BTEC Level 5 in sports and remedial massage therapy. Having always had a keen interest in sports and fitness I played football all through my teens and early twenties. After giving that up and wanting to fill the void left by I watched a friend run in a race for life and that’s where I caught the running bug. As I approached my thirties, I had already been taking part in several 5K & 10K races but always thought that would be my limit.


Then came the idea to run the London Marathon. I ran my first marathon in 2010 and since then I have run all sorts of distances from Parkrun’s to a 63-mile Ultra Marathons and everything in between. During the last 10 years of running, I am also a keen cyclist, often riding in sportives and over the last 3 years I have really been working hard on developing my endurance fitness in the gym which has led me to further training in becoming a Personal Trainer. Being a runner, cyclist and gym user, I understand how you and your body can feel, whether that is training for or post event, so with this mind, I treat the the way that I like be treated as I understand the benefits that can be had from regular treatment before and after event but also during our day to day lives where stress and tension can build up. 

In 2018, I qualified with a Level 5 BTEC in Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy at the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage. During my pregnancy and early postnatal period, I became acutely aware of the changes to my body and soft tissues and the impact this was having on my function, strength, movement and pain levels. This motivated me to delve deeper where I decided to specialise in the area of Pre and Postnatal, where I obtained a Level 3 qualification with Jenny Burrell Education. I found this extremely valuable and it allowed me to expand my knowledge to a much deeper understanding of the human body, and women’s health in particular. Since then, I have widened my broader knowledge by obtaining qualifications in Medical Acupuncture and kinesiotaping.


I enjoy helping my clients relieve pain and discomfort with soft tissue therapy and corrective rehab work, and with that, I began to understand more about the bene1its of regular and specific movement, giving me the desire to learn how to train clients with an exercise regime to overcome their ongoing pain and postural issues. I was introduced to Pilates and in September 2019, I began studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates with the highly acclaimed Joanne Cobbe of J Pilates Limited. At 27 weeks pregnant with our second son, I quali1ied and the next chapter began! I feel extremely passionate about what I do and look forward to teaching, learning and providing a high-quality professional service to my clients with a variety of techniques and skillset to give them the confidence to exercise and trust the way their bodies can move, again. 

Sports Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor


My love of fitness and movement started from a young age as I spent the weekends of my childhood participating in gymnastic competitions, athletic events or on a squash court . After graduating with a BA Honours degree I embarked upon a high-1lying PA role which took me around the World via the Formula One circuits for the next 10 years , giving me an amazing host of opportunities, experience and skills which I have taken with me into my new career. During these years, running and fitness remained a constant. I participated in many events including the London Marathon twice. I soon started acquiring an understanding and a thirst for knowledge about improving performance and fitness with rehab and manual therapy and I found it fascinating. 

Lucy Wignall

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