Caesarean Scar work Treatment    


Pregnancy can already bring about a whole host of changes to the body without the mark that a caesarean section can leave behind. If you have a scar following a C-section that is sensitive, painful, number or you would simply like to reduce its appearance, then Back Your Body may be able to help you. Our caesarean ScarWork treatment is a type of massage therapy technique designed to reduce the impact of scars across the board.

About Caesarean ScarWork Treatment

ScarWork is a massage therapy technique created by American therapist, Sharon Wheeler. As a relatively new practice, there are fewer than 100 practitioners in the UK right now. Unlike other scar massages, there are no oils or creams used with this one. Instead, gentle movements are used to restore the feeling and appearance of scar tissue and the surrounding area. It’s a careful, pain-free technique, making it a great fit for those with particularly sensitive scars as well as children.


What to expect from Caesarean ScarWork Treatment

To begin with, we start to work with the uppermost layers of the skin, slowly working deeper over time. This combination of moves over and around the scar improves the movement between the skin, connective tissue, and muscles. As comfort improves and you are able to comfortably sit through movements that apply more pressure, we keep working deeper into the scar. As such, people who undergo a Caesarean ScarWork Treatment are likely to notice results as soon as after the first session, with improvements continuing beyond then.


How can Caesarean ScarWork Treatment help?

Many massage therapists have started to recognise the great impact that ScarWork can have, when looking at both the appearance and the feeling of the scar. The technique, which softens and reduces dense scar tissue, can correct a range of nerve impairments. From a superficial standpoint, the scar could end up looking lighter, smaller, flatter, and softer in contrast to the surrounding skin, and can look more faded. However, not all changes are simply cosmetic. If you have been feeling like your scar is sensitive, painful, numb, itchy or easily irritated, then ScarWork can help ease those symptoms as well.


Am I a good candidate for Caesarean ScarWork Treatment?

ScarWork can help heal a wide range of scars, including Caesarean section scars. It’s recommended that you wait at least 4 weeks before seeking any kind of massage therapy treatment, however, allowing time for the wound to heal properly. Before you enquire about a consultation, you should also consult with your own doctor to see if they think that it is safe. If a mesh has been fit as a result of your C-section surgery, then ScarWork may not be an effective treatment for you.


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