Do you want to stay injury free and keep on track with your marathon training? 


If you are a first time or experienced marathon runner, we look to offer an integrated approach at keeping you injury free. 

Approximately two and a half times your body weight is being placed through one foot, this is not to say that the body cannot cope with this load but over marathon distances the stresses the soft tissues and joints are placed under is immense. This can cause injuries which disrupts your training regime and can put you behind which can cause frustration and feeling of not being mentally or physically prepared for your marathon.

At Back Your Body we are experts in dealing with soft tissue injuries we have an integrated approach we not only offer our expert hands but our knowledge to help you understand pain and give you advice as to how to help yourself and to get you back to running as soon as possible.

If you are injury free, but would like to keep that way, our marathon sports massage packages can help with recovery between training runs, and can help improve your performance. 

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Are you training for a Marathon? 

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 marathon sports massage packages 

How we can help you if this is your first or 100th marathon?

If you are tying your laces up for your first marathon you are most probably working from a training schedule or have an idea of what you need to do to become marathon ready.  Your body may have other ideas! Frequently,  I have first time marathon clients who come to me with injuries as soon as their mileage increases, or book in a week beforehand with a calf strain and want fixing just to be able to complete their first marathon. Muscle soreness is very common as your mileage increases, sports massage is very effective at helping to reduce inflammation and help you recover quicker between training sessions.


What we offer at Back Your Body is not only a deep tissue massage but a treatment plan to place you in the best possible form before you cross the start line,  we want to help give you an enjoyable and memorable first marathon experience rather than a painful one. We can offer you a bespoke treatment plan to help keep your body on track. This will help you avoid injury which may prevent you from running or completing your first marathon.

As a regular marathon runner it's very common to "put up" with muscular tension or niggling injuries. If these are left un treated, then more load is placed through your joints and soft tissues which can cause compensation patterns elsewhere, which can  potentially lead to further injury.  Our treatment plans are designed to target your problem areas giving you more awareness of the areas you can work on and potentially improve your marathon performance.

Marathon Sports Massage Packages

Bronze Package    1x  pre marathon and 1 post marathon sports massage treatments and home care advice  - £99

Silver Package       2 x  pre marathon and 1 post marathon sports massage treatments, marathon specific pilates home care programme and home  care advice - £159


Gold Package       3 x pre marathon and 1 post marathon sports massage treatments, 1:1 hour marathon specific Pilates lesson, pilates home care  programme - £249