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FREE Online Pilates Consultation via ZOOM

Due to the current Corona Virus pandemic we are pleased to be able to bring Pilates directly into your home.

It can be pretty daunting if you haven't used ZOOM and are worried what to expect from the classes, especially if you are new to Pilates, or you're used to attending classes with the instructor being able to correct and guide you.

Don't panic! We are here to HELP! I have spent the last few weeks compiling a joining and user guide for ZOOM which will give you the skills to be able to set up and use for your Pilates Classes. I have been teaching Pilates for over 10 years and I'm also a fully qualified sports and remedial massage therapist which has deepened my knowledge of the body, so you will be in safe hands!

During the consultation I will be discussing your needs and medical history, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire to ensure that I advise you of the best Pilates class to start attending. I offer a tailored 30 minute 1:1 session, Pilates Room for Four (Small Group)  a subscription and pay as you go options for my main classes, so whatever your need I can point you in the right direction.  I also offer a free 30 minute class on a Saturday if you want to try before you sign up. (A health questionnaire and disclaimer must be completed before you take part).

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Pilates is for you If you answer YES to any of the following questions......

  • Are you suffering with long term back pain?  Do you want to be able to exercise without making your pain worse?

  • Are you someone who wants to improve your posture which will make you feel more confident in your body?

  • Have you been to other classes and feel frustrated that you can't always perform the exercises?

  • Do you want to prevent injuries and improve long term health issues such as Osteoporosis and Arthritis?

  • Are you someone that feels very inflexible and would like to improve mobility that will enable you to do the things you want to do?

  • Do you have weak abdominals and would like to learn how you can strengthen them without doing "sit ups?"

  • Are you a woman with a small Diastasis Recti (Tummy Gap) after pregnancy, maybe from many years ago that you want to help improve?

  • Are you someone who has had physiotherapy and been told that they've helped you as much as they can and you need to carry on exercising?

  • Have you had surgery and are looking to find a way to re build your strength and flexibility?

  • Are you frustrated at not knowing the best way to exercise for your body and want to learn how you can help yourself?

  • Are you suffering from stress, anxiety and depression and want to invest in your mental and physical well being?