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Basic Positioning in Pilates

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

In order to make the most out of a Pilates workout, it is important to understand the basic positioning so that we can work from an optimum position, movement heals and knowing where to start from is very important for our nervous system to switch on the right muscles. In this blog, our short videos will demonstrate what this means and how to ensure you are doing it correctly.

Basic Positioning 1-

In this first video, we look at positioning when lying on our back. Because gravity is pulling us down it is sometimes more challenging to know where our spine and pelvis position should be in contrast to when we are standing, as our nervous system is constantly making postural adjustments to keep us upright. Therefore, when our back is against the ground, our nervous system is not receiving as much information, so our ability to know whether our pelvis and spine is in the right position can be more difficult.

Basic Positioning 2-

Pilates exercises on all fours have fundamentally the same aims, yet can be more challenging depending on your level of stability, strength and balance.

Basic Positioning 3-

Seated positioning can often be the most challenging for overall alignment and comfort. For particular Pilates seated moves, like Spine Twist, using a prop such as a rolled up towel or a yoga block can really help with your alignment and quality of the move.

Basic Positioning 4-

Pilates moves that are complicated when our bodies are positioned face down can be more challenging for the back of your body. Using a small towel can help with comfort to your lower back.

Basic Positioning 5-

In most cases, standing is very uncomfortable and normally irritates the back, hence why we move in Pilates! Knowing where your centre of gravity is can really help you with your Pilates practice.

These videos demonstrate basic positioning of pilates, but it is important to remember that Pilates is about movement and movement heals. These videos show you a good basic foundation to start your Pilates practice from.

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