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How marathon runners can benefit from a sports massage

Embarking on the enduring challenge of running a marathon is an incredible step for your health and fitness; although the intensity of training may consume you, it is considerably important to prioritize the

relaxation and recovery of your body. A sports massage can be of particular assistance in regards to soothing muscles, improving blood flow and relieving the build up of toxins - each of which can assist in promotion of recovery, ultimately improving overall athletic performance when running. Back Your Body is on hand to coach you through your marathon training and to get you to the finish line! The following are the ways in which runners can benefit from the effects of a sports massage:

What is a Sports Massage?

The definition of a Sports Massage may vary between therapists, due to their acquired industry qualification and tendency to provide an adapted form of a deep tissue massage. Predominantly, a sports massage is the manipulation and physical treatment of an individual's soft tissue; the connective tissue that is not hardened to either bone or cartilage.

Contrary to popular belief a sports massage is not solely for athletes, the benefits of this particular technique can be felt amongst individuals suffering from repetitive stiffening activities as sedimentary as sitting in an office chair all day.

The benefits of a Sports Massage for marathon runners is as follows:

Increased Flexibility - A Sports Massage works to significantly improve the range of motion and mobility of the joints used when marathon running, ultimately this reduces the likelihood of any injury occurring or reoccurring. With increased mobility, this can improve your stride length making you more energy efficient.

Assist the lymph system in removing toxins - All massage therapies work to realign the muscles and connective, whilst simultaneously assisting the lymph system to remove a build up of toxins from the body. This can help to prevent any considerable build up of acids that will diminish recovery efforts and impact your ability to continue to train and perform well.

Alleviate DOMS - DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, are the aches felt as a consequence of a demanding workout. A Sports Massage works to alleviate the feeling of DOMS, helping you to recover more quickly. Ultimately, this means that you will be able to continue training effectively and perform to a high standard in workouts.

Relieves Stress - Running a marathon can be mentally challenging just as much as it is physically. Providing an effective sports massage treatment will stimulate the nervous system to release endorphins, the body's natural pain reliever, which will aid quicker recovery and encourage relaxation.

Here at the Back Your Body studio, it is our utmost responsibility to encourage exercise and effective recovery for our clients. The enduring nature of a Marathon Runners sport means their bodies are under considerable strain, therefore they ought to make their recovery a top priority! Incorporating a sports massage from one of the skilled Back Your Body staff will ensure your recovery is taken seriously, in order to further encourage the best of your ability to come through in your long distance running. Should you wish to further enquire regarding any of the classes or services offered at the studio, do not hesitate to contact the BYB team today!

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