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Sports Massage for Tennis Elbow

Clinically known as lateral epicondylitis, ‘tennis elbow’ is the strain of the muscles and the tendons attached to the elbow joint; these muscles and tendons are responsible for the functioning of the entire forearm limb. Contrary to its name, ‘tennis elbow’ is not specific to the racquet sport; the condition can be obtained by anybody undertaking any kind of strenuous movement repeatedly.

Often as a consequence of overusing, inflammation and tearing can occur near the bone on the outside site of your elbow. The obstructive pain of tennis elbow is felt outside of the elbow and upper forearm, the strain is particularly felt when straightening your wrist, gripping, twisting, bending, extending or lifting your arm. Back Your Body’s team of experts are here to detail how a sports massage can greatly alleviate the harsh symptoms of tennis elbow.

Sports massages utilise advanced massage techniques which include soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques as well as deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage is among one of the most effective treatments for tennis elbow, as it enhances circulation: breaking up scar tissue, releasing muscle spasms, alleviating pain and improving flexibility - each ultimately relieving stress on the tendons and encouraging faster healing.

A sports massage treatment reduces the adhesive characteristic of bodily tissues; meaning the range of movement around the joints will be significantly improved. Massaging the tissue in question allows for its strategic manipulation. When administering a sports massage to clients suffering from a case of tennis elbow, the Back Your Body masseuse will be consistently monitoring your body's response to the techniques and depths of pressure applied. When the volume of pressure solicited is too much, the tissue will prevent the therapist from moving deeper by producing a pain inducing restriction. The team will utilise your tissue tolerance and solicit an array of massaging techniques; when there is an alternating change in technique and pressure, the process of healing is further encouraged.

Although it is tempting when suffering from a case of chronic tennis elbow pain, it is exceedingly important not to resume the activity in which you have strained the tendons and muscles of your forearm. The structures of the elbow that have been damaged are considerably more susceptible to further tear; you must wait until your tissues can tolerate load to resume your activity. Risk factors of not resting your tennis elbow include having an injury lasting from 12 months to 24.

Back Your Body is on hand to guide you through your physical therapy recovery from the pain and tenderness of tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis; we offer a range of rehabilitation routes for our clients. The therapists at our studio will assess your site of concern to determine the best approach to your recovery, and how we can cater the sports massage to you. When administering your sports massage, we work to strengthen the tissues in question; ensuring an effective solution towards long term recovery. Should you wish to take a step towards recovery, contact the team at Back Your Body today!

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