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Studio Pilates VS Pilates Videos

At the discretion of the UK Government, from the 17th May, we are progressively free from the disruptive repercussions of the Coronavirus Pandemic. As many will be venturing back out to the site of their eagerly anticipated workouts, one question looms… will you be straight back in the gym, or have you been converted to home workouts?

Pilates is a low impact series of movement that creates opposition through the body via principles such as control, flow, centering, precision, and concentration. As Pilates concentrates on balance, mobility and posture, it is an activity of significantly less risk - making classes encouraged and accessible for all. The benefits of Pilates classes are something that can be embraced and utilized either in studio classes or following from home.

Studio pilates

Advanced/Equipped Classes:

The Back Your Body Studio is equipped with specialist apparatus that was designed by the infamous Joseph Pilates, himself. Fixed to this small, but mighty, piece of equipment are springs and pulleys of which provide resistance. Offering a unique dimension to your workout that is unachievable at home, the apparatus can be tailored to each individual’s requirements and abilities to make for an incredible and more advanced Pilates session.


One component we have missed the most is the sense of community felt when surrounded by like-minded individuals, both at the gym or when attending a studio class. Attending classes allows you to meet new people, or to strengthen a bond with an existing friend! Additionally, the sense of community felt at studio class can encourage healthy competition; enabling you to get more from your workout!

Correct form and reassurance:

All Back Your Body Pilates classes are professionally led by our extensively trained and experienced team. Class attendance will assure you that you are performing sequences correctly, in a way that will best utilize all muscle movements to achieve optimum results.


A true sense of normality will be felt upon once again adhering to a weekly routine. The incorporation of a Pilates class into your week poses several physical benefits, whilst the mental benefits include having a physical outlet to look forward to, an escape from the same recurring day of the last 18 months, and the long-anticipated interaction with others.

Pilates videos


Adapting back to normality means lots of individuals are now again commuting to work - for many there is simply not enough hours in the day to incorporate an additional venture to the studio and back for a Pilates class. Following an online Pilates video is highly convenient, as you can join whenever suits you best - and there is no journey to and from the studio, once you are complete!

Extensive Catalogue of Pilates Videos:

The exclusive Back Your Body membership grants access to an extensive range of pre-recorded classes that the studio accumulated throughout the lockdown periods - this enables you to repeat the pilates routines you particularly liked, as well as whilst working at your own pace. Additionally, we can stream classes live from the studio to our members, for that added and longed for sense of community and routine!

Home Comfort:

Working out from the privacy of our homes is something an increasing number of individuals enjoy in comparison to crowded gyms or studios. For those who are less confident undertaking strenuous exercise in front of others, home workouts are perfect - it is far better to participate in a virtual class, at your own pace, than to miss a workout due to being cautious and reserved around others. Additionally, whilst working out from home, there is the additional benefit of not having to commute to and from the gym or studio - meaning you are bearing a lower cost.

Whether you’re a home workout warrior or you strive in the studio, Back Your Body has the Pilates classes for you. We offer a range of membership packages, between £12.99 to £39.99 a month, all of which grant you unlimited access to pre-recorded classes at the least! Should you wish to enquire further regarding the Pilates classes and membership packages we offer, get in touch with the Back Your Body team today!

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