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What are the benefits of a pregnancy massage?

Carrying a child is an incredible experience, however, it can have undeniable harsh demands on the mothers’ body. Pregnancy massages use specific techniques to alleviate the pain and discomfort of which occurs not only from the growing weight of the baby inside but the changes in the body's centre of gravity. Additionally, prenatal massages encourage a reduction of stress levels, promote relaxation and well-being throughout the trimesters, continuing even once the baby has arrived.

What is a pregnancy massage?

Despite its similarities to a regular massage, pregnancy massages require alternative techniques and positioning of the body to adapt to the mother and growing baby. The mother will be supported during the massage to optimise comfort and safety. Techniques used will vary from firm, to relieve discomfort, to softer where the client is encouraged and assisted in relaxing.

What should you expect during a pregnancy massage?

Considering tender breasts and the growing belly, the conventional positions of laying on your front or back are of course, no longer suitable. During your treatment, you will be positioned for optimal comfort using supportive pillows and bolsters - most expectant mothers prefer to lay on one side. A consultation beforehand to discuss your requirements and speak about your pregnancy journey is recommended as this will promote an overall more rewarding experience for both the mother and baby.

What are the benefits of a pregnancy massage?

Every woman’s body is different and ultimately they will experience a different type of pregnancy. The commonly known benefits of a pregnancy massage are said to include:

  1. Relief of muscular and joint pain

  2. Lessens swelling of the joints

  3. Promotes relaxation and stress relief

  4. Improved sleep

  5. Rejuvenated energy levels

  6. Promotes ‘feel-good hormones’

Are pregnancy massages safe?

Many pregnant women enjoy massages throughout their pregnancy as techniques are adapted to suit which stage the mother and baby are in. It is not recommended that women have massage treatments within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to the delicate development of the child at this time. Throughout the first trimester, you should avoid massaging the abdomen entirely.

Pregnancy massages have an array of both physical and emotional benefits for both mother and baby. If you would like to consult with one of our fully trained and experienced massage therapists, speak to our specialist team practicing Pregnancy Massages in Sidcup. The consultation will entail detailed note-taking, which will enable your specialist to tailor a prenatal massage plan to specifically cater to your needs. Any preexisting pregnancy conditions should be detailed, regardless of how seemingly small or long ago the problems were. This information will help your massage therapist to provide the best service for this stage of the pregnancy, and any massage appointments going forward. Contact the Back Your Body team today to enquire about more information!

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