Pre and Post Natal Massage


If you’re expecting a new addition to the family, or have already welcomed them, Back Your Body could offer the relief you need as your body undergoes a wide range of physiological changes. We offer both pre and post-natal massage techniques designed to ease the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth, with the care, comfort, and attention that all of our clients deserve. Read further to learn what pre and postnatal massage is, what to expect from it, and how it could help you.

About Pre Natal Massage

The changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy can be overwhelming, to say the least. These changes, as well as having to adjust to new posture and ways of moving, can cause a wide range of complaints, including swollen ankles, backache, and joint pains. With a full-body prenatal massage, we can ease some of those pains while offering a deeply relaxing and relieving the sensation.


About Post Natal Massage

The changes that the body undergoes don’t suddenly reverse after having a baby, however. Recovery from childbirth can take time and many of those aches can remain, joined by new aches caused by breastfeeding, carrying your child, and so on. A full body massage treatment can offer some relief, and help your body recover better from the stresses of childbirth.


How can Pre and Post Natal Massage help?

Whether you’re coming to us as a new mother or an expectant one, we work with you to find out what your most common physical complaints are and devise a massage therapy session that’s designed to help you, specifically. As such, every session with us can be different, as we work on new problems and help you transition comfortably into motherhood. By loosening and relaxing your muscles, we can improve blood flow and reduce stress hormones, helping you feel less tense while reducing your sensation of pain. As such, we can help relieve a wide range of issues, such as swollen hands and feet, carpal tunnel, headaches, back pain, leg cramping, insomnia and more.


Am I a good candidate for Pre and Post Natal Massage?

Prenatal massages are recommended for expectant mothers who have passed 12 weeks of pregnancy, right up until the moment of birth. For postnatal massages, they are suitable for mothers from 1 week after birth. If you have had a Caesarian section, then it is recommended from 4 weeks after the birth, depending on how well the scar is healing. If you’re uncertain whether a massage is right for you, ask your doctor.


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