ScarWork Message Therapy


At Back Your Body, we offer ScarWork massage therapy, a relatively new form of therapy devised by Sharon Wheeler, an American therapist. Different from other kinds of scar massages, this technique uses no oils or creams but uses gentle movements to assist in recovery with an accident, burn, or post-operation scars.

About ScarWork Massage Therapy

This technique is designed to restore the feeling in scar tissue and the surrounding area. By improving the movement between the layers of skin, connective tissue, and muscles, it can help reduce the appearance of scar tissue, as well as some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with them. It’s a delicate, pain-free method of treatment, making it a good choice for children or those who have sensitive and painful scars.

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What to expect from ScarWork Massage Therapy

ScarWork is a technique that starts off focusing on the most superficial layers of the skin, progressively working deeper as comfort improves. This involves a series of over 30 gentle movements, working around and lightly on the scar, moving deeper to underlying tissues as time goes on. You are likely to feel and see differences even after the first session, with improvements continuing as time goes on.


How can ScarWork Massage Therapy help? 

ScarWork is designed to lessen the impact of scars as comprehensively as possible, and as such, there are a myriad of potential benefits. These can include visual changes, such as the scar looking lighter, flatter, smaller, more faded, and softer against the surrounding skin. However, it can also include the decreasing of some of the unwanted symptoms scars can cause, too, such as diminished pain, sensitivity, lack of sensation, itchiness, and irritation. This is due to the fact that the technique softens and reduces dense scar tissue, which can lessen any nerve impairments.


Am I a good candidate for ScarWork?

If you have almost any kind of scar, then ScarWork Massage Therapy should be able to offer some improvements. There are very few exceptions, such as Keloid scars, acne scars, stretch marks, or scars from abdominal surgeries where a mesh has been fit. Some examples of the kind of scars that it can be effective on include the following:


·        Burns

·        Facial scars

·        Hip replacements

·        Open heart surgery

·        Gall bladder removal

·        Knee surgery

·        Tube/drain sites

·        C-Sections

·        And more


If you’re uncertain whether ScarWork Massage Therapy is the right option for you, stop by for a consultation. We’ll ensure your options are laid out in full, that you know what to reasonably expect from the treatment, and which is the best service we can offer for your needs


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