7 Day BYB Pilates Posture Challenge

Why does posture matter?  What are the bad effects of posture?

Let me just say that bad posture does not necessarily cause pain there are many people with good posture that are in pain, but why should you care about your posture?

I go into greater detail in my free webinar which you can access by clicking here, but essentially how you carry your body in static and dynamic postures, effects the balance of many systems and soft tissues through your body. The effects of bad posture can cause muscular tension, headaches and pain.

With the right posture exercises everyday habits such as sitting, standing and moving with proper postural alignment will allow the body to work more efficiently with less fatigue on your body's ligaments and muscles. 

Being aware of your posture is the first step to creating better movement habits therefore reducing the stress and strain on your spine and all of your other joints.

What does the Posture Challenge Involve?

I have created seven short 15-20 minute videos on specific areas of the body that are commonly affected by posture.

If you suffer with neck pain due to sitting at a desk or working on your phone/tablet the neck video gives you exercises to mobilise and strengthen the neck to help alleviate the tension and discomfort, and to improve rounded shoulders. The shoulders and spine are connected to the neck and these videos will teach you about the alignment and movement that will keep these areas mobile and strong and combat bad posture habits.

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If you suffer with RSI, forearm discomfort, elbow pain then the wrist video will be very useful. Teaching you how to strengthen the wrists will make the forearm muscles stronger and help to keep better alignment through the wrists.

The feet are the first point of contact with the ground and many postural issues start her, the feet video explores the intrinsic muscles of the feet and exercises that you could perform sitting at your desk! If you are sitting for long periods then your bum muscles will be inactive and switched off! If you cross your legs, or find yourself leaning to one side then your hips will be unevenly loaded and this can cause inflammation and irritate nerve endings, including the sciatic nerve. Learn how to improve range of movement and strengthen with the hip video.

You can revisit these videos anytime and with consistency and practice you will start to improve your posture. It's not easier and if you need more motivation then I offer live classes everyday to keep you on track. 

Your new posture starts here!