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Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy


When we think about massages, many of us have visions of white bathrobes and luxury days at the spa. That is certainly one way to enjoy the experience, but don't let oils and burning incense fool you into thinking that massage is just a fun past time. In reality, this is a vital therapy for healing aches, pains, and even injuries. Massage is actually one of the oldest forms of medicine proven to encourage bodily healing. And, never is that more the case than where sports and remedial massage is concerned. 

What is Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy


Despite the name, sports and remedial massage is not just for sports people, though they can benefit too. Anyone experiencing targeted muscle pain should consider this deep muscle massage therapy. Rather than focusing on problem areas like many other massages, sports and remedial therapy aims to heal the entire body. As such, it can address the root of an issue as well as healing surface symptoms. This enables clients to enjoy relief from a variety of both recent and longstanding injuries and pains. 


Back Your Body for Sports and Remedial Therapy


Here at Back Your Body, we pride ourselves on offering both immediate and long-term soft tissue treatment plans. We are trained in various modalities and use our knowledge and training to ensure that every client receives the best treatment possible. 


When you contact us for sports and remedial massage therapy, we'll arrange an initial consultation to discuss why you are seeking treatment, while also taking the chance to understand any pains or injuries you currently have. We will take a written account during this session to determine whether sports and remedial massage is the best option for you, and also how we can use it to your benefit. 


We also understand that it can be frustrating not having treatment plans explained to you. That's why we'll make an effort to outline precisely which conclusions we've reached, and how we'll apply them using sports and remedial therapies moving forward.

Could you benefit from a Sports Massage?


In reality, many people could benefit from some form of sports or remedial massage therapy. Clients would find this treatment especially beneficial in cases such as - 




Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy results


Sports and remedial therapy can, in some cases, have life-changing results. This is especially likely with our focus on long-term home care programs which prevent further issues. If you’ve avoided booking sports and remedial massage therapy until now, then, it’s worth noting that regular appointments could lead to benefits including - 


  • Reduced muscle pain

  • Improved posture

  • Faster recovery from surgery

  • Improved flexibility

  • Injury prevention

  • Management of long-term conditions

  • Stress relief

  • Increased blood circulation

  • And many more


Whether you play sports regularly or have a job which leads to aches and pains, we’re waiting to hear from you. Simply call us on 07963 632 717 or book an appointment online today.