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Joseph Pilates invented and designed a number of pieces of equipment which he referred to as 'apparatus'. Many of his pieces were designed on everyday household objects, The Reformer is one of the most famous and popular pieces of equipment which was based on an old bed frame and springs.  The pulleys and springs provide resistance which can be used to make the exercises easier or harder and can be tailored to the client's individual needs and abilities.


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In addition to the reformer we are also pleased to offer the opportunity for our client's to experience The Ladder Barrel, The Chair, The Spine Corrector and The Tower from our intimate studio in Sidcup.  The Ladder Barrel is the only piece of equipment that has no springs or moving parts and is inspired on an empty beer keg.  As the name suggests, it's constructed of a small ladder and a barrel which is padded to provide comfort and support for the spine creating a beautiful equality of movement. 


The Pilates Chair is one of the smallest pieces of equipment, consisting of a seat and pedal, which springs are attached to, it is thought Joseph designed this as a compact piece of equipment that could fit into a friend's New York apartment.  The Spine Corrector is a smaller and more compact version of the ladder barrel, the curve is less pronounced than the ladder barrel which makes it an ideal piece of equipment for a beginner to Pilates. The Tower is one of my favourite pieces of equipment, using springs and a push through bar attached to a metal tower, it provides a great sense of stability and support whilst moving. 


It's very hard to put into words how incredible and unique the experience of using each piece of pilates equipment is until you have tried it for yourself!  With our expert tuition and guidance we look forward to sharing it with you.

6 Week Course - small group studio equipment class (3 people)
Tuesday 18th May to 22nd June 2021 - 7pm - 8pm

Frequently asked questions

What are the machines used in a Pilates Studio?

Pilates exercises were first intended to be practised on special equipment designed by Joseph Pilates himself. He designed many of the machines on everyday household items, such as a bed, chair and barrel! The most famous piece of equipment is called The Reformer, which looks like a bed with springs, sliding carriage ropes and pulleys. At our studio in Sidcup we are pleased to be able to offer many of these unique pieces of Pilates equipment.

What's the difference between Pilates mat and equipment classes?

Mat classes will require your own body weight resistance to perform the pilates exercises, whilst the Pilates equipment provides more support and stability which can develop your strength and mobility quicker. Our studio in Sidcup can give you a unique exercise experience on many of these pieces of equipment that are not offered by many other Pilates Studios, they include The Reformer, The Ladder Barrel, The Chair, The Tower and The Spine Corrector.

Are Pilates studio equipment classes suitable for beginners?

The Pilates equipment gives support and stability unlike any other machines, Joseph Pilates designed these pieces to help the body "relearn" how it was intended to move. This unique machinery provides resistance but creates a wonderful sense of flow through the body, making it ideal for beginners.

What is reformer Pilates good for?

Reformer Pilates allows for a more dynamic and targeted workout, if it is practiced regularly it can transform your body in a short space of time. Using a variety of springs and pulleys these can be adjusted to either give you less or more support thereby creating greater stability, improving strength and mobility. This is also ideal for those recovering from injuries who require that initial extra support.

What are the main principles of Pilates?

Whether you take part in a mat or Pilates equipment class, Joseph Pilates always had an intention for each exercise performed. There were 6 main principles he insisted on when people performed his exercises; Centering, Breath, Precision Flow, Concentration and Control.

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