Pregnancy Massage 

We understand the physical implications placed on your body during and after pregnancy. If you are struggling with back, hip, shoulder pain or fatigue, pregnancy massage can help alleviate muscular tension and help you enjoy your time being pregnant or as a new Mum.


Our therapists are qualified in pregnancy massage so you and your baby will be in safe hands! 


The physical and emotional strain placed on a woman throughout their pregnancy is immense; upon some staff enduring a pregnancy, and our expertise in attending to those that are currently pregnant, we entirely understand that the physical implications can really begin to take their toll upon your expectation and desire to enjoy this special time in your life.

A pregnancy massage, both pre and postnatal, will work to alleviate fatigue, muscular tension, pain in the shoulders, back and hips.

Back Your Body is home to an array of qualified therapists specialising in pregnancy massage in Sidcup; our experience and expertise guarantees to put to rest any hesitation a pregnant lady or new born mum may have - we can assure clients that both themselves, and their babies, will be in both safe and attentive hands.

Frequently asked questions

What is Pre Natal Massage?

We are expertly trained in pregnancy massage and offer a number of services that can help you look after your physical well being and to ensure you feel your best throughout your pregnancy journey. During pregnancy, huge physical changes occur. Our pre natal massage services can safely and effectively treat the following symptoms: Tiredness and Fatigue Lower and Upper Back pain Pelvic girdle pain Knee pain Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Hip pain Rib pain Muscular tension Headaches A Prenatal massage is not only about alleviating the above symptoms, but giving you the space to relax and handle the stresses that pregnancy can place on you both physically and mentally. If you would like to know more, enquire today with our specialists of Pre Natal Massage in Sidcup

What is Post Natal Massage?

As a new Mum you are not only faced with nurturing your new baby, but also coping with the physical and emotional changes of which occur after. Often new mums are conscious of their belly and C-section scars, experiencing pelvic floor issues and generally just not feeling like themselves at all. We are expertly trained in postnatal massage and we would like to help you alleviate the symptoms and help you recover quickly after the birth of your baby Our expertise in Post Natal Massage in Sidcup means we can help, educate and advise you on the following symptoms and conditions: Diastasis Recti (tummy gap) Pelvic Floor issues C-Section Scars Abdominal weakness Back pain Pelvic Girdle pain Prolapse Tiredness and fatigue Bowel issues such as constipation

Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy?

Having a baby is an incredible experience, however the enormous strain it can inflict on the body is often unignorable. Both during pregnancy and after, women experience immense bodily changes - many of which can lead to lingering aches and pains. When you pair this with the need to lean over a crib and lift a growing baby, it’s a sure way to develop ongoing problems. In fact, many women would equate old muscle aches and injuries to these pregnancy and pre-birth days. Sadly, there’s a lack of information about what women can do to heal their bodies at this time. Fortunately, Postnatal massages are a fantastic and natural way for mums to recover from these bodily experiences. It can also help to provide the much-needed self-care time at one of the most emotionally trying periods of a woman’s life.

What are the Benefits of Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy?

Both pre and postnatal massage can have a significant positive impact on the aches and pains so many mothers suffer as a consequence of carrying their child. Prenatal massages can also help to build strength for birth; while postnatal can provide a boost for exhausted new mothers. Other benefits of these massage therapies include - Relaxation Reduced tension and anxiety Hormone regulation Natural pain reduction Improved sleep Better breastfeeding Improved moods Through the development of a long-term massage therapy plan, mothers and mothers-to-be can ensure their ongoing wellbeing. The emotional benefits are also worth attention, as this ongoing habit of self care can be real support for mothers who otherwise struggle to find time for themselves.

'After having a painful sports massage elsewhere, I was reluctant to have another. Decided to visit Kathy however and so glad I did - wonderful experience - felt so much better afterwards. I would definitely recommend a visit'


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