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Pregnancy Massage 

We understand the physical implications placed on your body during and after pregnancy. If you are struggling with back, hip, shoulder pain or fatigue, pregnancy massage can help alleviate muscular tension and help you enjoy your time being pregnant or as a new Mum.


Our therapists are qualified in pregnancy massage so you and your baby will be in safe hands! 


The physical and emotional strain placed on a woman throughout their pregnancy is immense; upon some staff enduring a pregnancy, and our expertise in attending to those that are currently pregnant, we entirely understand that the physical implications can really begin to take their toll upon your expectation and desire to enjoy this special time in your life.

A pregnancy massage, both pre and postnatal, will work to alleviate fatigue, muscular tension, pain in the shoulders, back and hips.

Back Your Body is home to an array of qualified therapists specialising in pregnancy massage in Sidcup; our experience and expertise guarantees to put to rest any hesitation a pregnant lady or new born mum may have - we can assure clients that both themselves, and their babies, will be in both safe and attentive hands.

  • What are the benefits to the employer of workplace massage?
    • Improves productivity and efficiency. Providing 15 minutes of chair massage reduces stress, anxiety and muscular tension improving concentration, energy levels and rejuvenates the mind. • Reduced absenteeism, workplace massage can prevent employees taking sick leave due to muscular pain, stress and anxiety • Improved morale, your employees will feel appreciated and their wellbeing is of priority to your company.
  • What are the benefits to the employee of workplace massage?
    • Reduction of stress and anxiety • Increased energy levels, which can improve concentration and productivity. • Relieves muscle tension and pain and improves quality of sleep • Chair massage makes it more accessible to employees and eliminates the need to travel for treatment • Massage is performed through clothing, ensuring no one feels uncomfortable getting undressed
  • How long are the sessions?
    We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes per person depending on number of employees, we can tailor packages to suit the employer’s needs. If there are over 12 employees we would advise to book a morning or afternoon session. We recommend once to twice a month depending on the number of employees.
  • What will the employer need to provide?
    All we require from the employer is a breakaway space or dedicated room.
  • What are the legal requirements?
    We are fully qualified and insured, all our therapists are members of a professional organisation and first aid trained. We provide copies of the above and complete a risk assessment for each employer.

'After having a painful sports massage elsewhere, I was reluctant to have another. Decided to visit Kathy however and so glad I did - wonderful experience - felt so much better afterwards. I would definitely recommend a visit'


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