Oncology Massage

Our therapists are qualified to work safely and effectively with clients that are currently going through cancer treatment or are in recovery.

Our aims are to help reduce some of the physical and mental side effects of cancer treatment. We adapt our massage skills to provide a safe but effective treatment that will help reduce muscle soreness, decrease mild to moderate anxiety and improve well being.


We want to help our clients manage their physical health through each stage of their cancer treatment and beyond. 

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There are many physical and emotional side effects for people going through cancer treatment and this can cause high levels of stress not only for the individual but for family and friends. One of the main benefits of Oncology massage is that it can help relieve anxiety, and it can be a way for people to feel they can help themselves.


When you book an appointment you will be sent a consultation form to complete which will ask some general questions about your health and medical history. We may need to speak to your medical team to ensure that massage will not interfere with your health or any medicines that you are taking. In most cases, oncology massage is encouraged to help manage the side effects of treatment. We provide various pillows and bolsters for comfort and will discuss the most comfortable position for you to be in during your massage treatment, this can even be seated and we are trained to work through clothes if requested. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Oncology Massage Safe?

Our therapist has undergone a specific oncology massage course to be able to understand the various types of cancer and to assess individual case studies and the side effects from the various stages of treatment. They will modify their skills to ensure you are comfortable and receive a sensitive but effective treatment.

Can you have a massage during cancer treatment?

In most cases yes! From the information we gain from your consultation form we will be able to gain a better understanding of your cancer treatment and as long as it doesn’t interfere with any medication then massage will be very beneficial.

What are the benefits of Oncology Massage?

Oncology Massage can help reduce mild to moderate anxiety and depression, reduces muscles soreness associated with treatment, reduces the adhesive (sticky) quality of your tissues, improves joint mobility but more importantly improves well being.

Can massage spread cancer?

No! Research shows that massage cannot spread cancer (Cancer UK,2015; MacMillian Cancer Support 2016). What research does show is that massage therapy can be an effective treatment to help manage many side effects of cancer including mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

'After having a painful sports massage elsewhere, I was reluctant to have another. Decided to visit Kathy however and so glad I did - wonderful experience - felt so much better afterwards. I would definitely recommend a visit'


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