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How does scar work therapy work?

Scar tissue is a fibrous substance that forms when normal tissue is destroyed and can bind into deep layers of fascia. This white tissue connects the muscles to the skin, allowing for your muscles and skin to move at the same time. However, scar tissue isn’t always made because of a puncture or cut on the skin, it could be due to muscle fiber tears. That’s the difference with actual scars from wounds, they have a top and bottom layer of scar tissue, making them harder to free and break down. This is what scar work therapy is so desired for because it delivers a more thorough solution than most other types of treatment.

It’s not intrusive

Scarwork is gentle. Massages are not intrusive and this helps patients to feel more relaxed and less painful. Scars can be very personal. Something might have happened to you such as being involved in a car accident, an altercation or perhaps a scar left by surgery. We know that it can hold emotional trauma and when it is seen or touched it can be uncomfortable. However, the scar work massage techniques will not be heavy or deep, actually much lighter than you expect. Rather than using brute force, we use light techniques and tools. We can provide this care and therapy at our premises or at your home. We will empower you to improve the appearance of your scar, but also free up the restrictions on your range of movement.

Who is a candidate?

So you might be wondering if our scar work therapy would be right for you. If you have had any kind of surgery, chances are you will have scar tissue at least to some extent. Some of the things that will make you a prime candidate to receive our treatment are as follows:

  • Hip Surgery

  • Knee Surgery

  • C-Section

  • Breast Cancer Surgery

  • Facial Scars

  • Burns

  • Tube/drain sites

  • Open heart surgery

  • Gallbladder removal

Whether it's a traditional surgery where you are cut open or a non-intrusive surgery where there are small holes made in your skin for tools to reach in, you will have some level of scar tissue. Left untreated it can get worse, thicker and limit your movement as you age. So it's best to break down the scar tissue, allow the body to heal under the surface and keep your skin healthy.

How does scar work therapy help?

Scar tissue is irritating, itchy and it can become inflamed from exercising. The skin becomes thicker, redder and perhaps even dry in the area. The way our therapy works is to improve circulation, improve the myofascial layer’s flexibility, and increase your range of movement. This should improve your feel and sensation in the area and decrease the pain you feel when touching the scar or when the skin moves.

If you would like to know more about scar work therapy and how it could help you, contact us today on 07963 632 717 with any questions you might have, and we’ll be happy to help.

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